January 31st-February 7th Patagonia: The "O" Circuit Trek

by - February 12, 2019

Over the past 8 days we completed the O Circuit trek in Torres del Paine National Park.  It was a total of 76 miles.  A huge THANK YOU to Uncle Peter for booking this trek for us!  We owe you one!  We saw some absolutely amazing scenery along the way!  Every day surprised us with more beautiful landscapes.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  We basically had no rain or wind, which Patagonia is well known for.  It made for some great pictures.  Each night's sleeping accommodations were a bit different.  Some nights we were cramped next to other tents, some nights we had our own space.  We stayed in a dorm room one night and were bunk mates with another couple we became friends with.  On the 6th night, thanks to Uncle Paul and Uncle Peter we stayed in an amazing cabin next to a waterfall and also had a great dinner!  It felt amazing to sleep in a made bed after 6 days on our feet.  We enjoyed beers and burgers at the lodge.  Thanks again guys!!!  It wasn't all smiles out there on the trail.  This hike was a bit over our fitness level at the moment.  We hurt every single day.  Our legs and feet were not happy with us.  We pushed on through.  Most days we went much faster than the predicted time offered by the map.  Day 6 was an in and out hike to the Britanico lookout.  Day 8 was an in and out hike to Base de las Torres.  We tried to eat oatmeal for breakfast, but after 4 days we tossed our rations and bought eggs to hard boil for breakfast and lunch.  We ate freeze dried meals for dinner.  Sometimes we had first dinner and second dinner.  We definitely didn't bring enough food initially.  It was overall an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to those who enjoy great scenery and hiking!

Day 1: Las Torres to Seron 8 miles

Day 2: Seron to Dickson 11 miles

Day 3: Dickson to Los Perros 7 miles

Day 4: Los Perros to Grey 9.5 miles


 Day 5: Gray to Paine Grande 7 miles

Day 6: Paine Grande to Los Cuernos 14.5 miles

Day 7: Los Cuernos to Los Torres 7 miles

Day 8: Los Torres to Truck 12 miles

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