May 26th Guatemala

by - May 30, 2018

May 26th

The van ride from Flores to Lanquin was 9 hours.  The land is more lush and mountainous as we travel inland.  

The towns are filled with locals wearing more traditional outfits.  The women wear long colorful skirts with lace tops and the men wear cowboy hats and boots.

 In Coban we stopped at a McDonalds.  The Big Mac and fries were surprisingly similar, but there are many more different things on the menu.  There was security, a separate McCafe and music blasting.  McDonald's is a cheap and normal meal for us, but here it seems to be more of a luxury.  It was expensive compared to the other meals we were eating.  Although the drive was long and nauseating, it is also the most beautiful drive I've ever been on.  When we arrived in Lanquin we were piled into the back of a truck with all of our luggage.  It was a crazy, death grip 1 hour drive to Utopia.  

Utopia is our first eco hotel.  It has been the best place we have stayed at as far as beauty goes.  It is in the middle of nowhere on a mountain side.  The view is amazing from every area and there is a wild river that runs in front of it.  

There are a lot of "yogis" here and all the food is vegetarian and served family style.  We were the only ones camping, so we had the riverfront area to ourselves.  We set up our tent and then had a couple drinks up at the main bar area.

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