May 22-24 Belize/Guatemala

by - May 26, 2018

May 22nd

We woke up to the sound of a rooster crowing and the smell of weed being smoked.  Our first night in a "party" hostel was a rough one.  Heat and humidity along with the noise of the party.

We spent the morning researching our next couple of weeks, blogging, and editing the GoPro video.  We went to a local street vendor for lunch and ate fruit, tacos, and tostadas.  

Then we went for a walk to the market and tried a new fruit that tasted somewhat like an apple.  Although Saturday is the main market day, we were very impressed.  

We spent the afternoon socializing at the hostel and getting to 
know everyone.  We had planned to go to an adventure farm the next day, but one of the owners along with a worker at the hostel and some other hostel goers got into a bad accident that day.  Sounded like one of them was hurt pretty badly and was airlifted to the Belize City hospital.  While chatting with other people we decided to jump in on a rental vehicle the next day and visit the Caracol Mayan ruins and some other sites.  We made dinner at the hostel and stayed in.

May 23rd

We woke up at 5:30 for a 6:30 departure time.  On the trip is Bart and I, Dan the movie set guy from New York, Mende the Brooklyn hipster(a.k.a the man child), Tjie th guy, and Steven the photographer for Lonely Planet.  We headed up down to Caracol, Belize.  It was a 2.5 hour trek on the worst road imaginable.  We bottomed the car out a couple of dozen times.  There was a dead horse being eaten by vultures.  Such an odd site.  The Caracol Mayan ruins are the largest in Belize.  It was a nice visit because we were the first visitors and had the place to ourselves, making the pictures great.  

We found some howler monkeys and attempted to get some pictures, while avoiding getting peed on by them.  There and back we drove through the Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.  It was odd seeing pine forests in Belize.  

Then we went to the Rio-on pools and did some cooling off in the swimming areas.  

One last stop at Big Rock Waterfall and then we stopped for some burritos and beers.


We paid a local kid a large tip to get us beers from his family bar and run them down the road to us.  He was an interesting kid who loved to tell riddles.  We ate curry and Thai food at Ko-ox Han Nah for dinner and turned in early.  Happy Birthday Nick!

May 24th

We had a leisure morning with a breakfast burrito and cappuccino at the hostel.  We then packed up and found a taxi to the Belize/Guatemala border.  After paying our exit fee for Belize and going through immigration, we went to find a colectivo for our ride to Flores, Guatemala.  The taxi drivers are relentless and it is getting a bit annoying being harassed this much.  While Belizeans speak mostly English, Guatemalans speak Spanish.  We are in for a big change.  We exchanged our money into Quetzals and got into a colectivo.  These are much nicer than the school buses we were taking in Belize.  A few differences were noticed on the drive.  There are an abundance of cows here compared to Belize.  We only ate beef once in Belize and quickly learned that chicken is the way to go.  Also, the locals wear cowboy hats and everyone gets around on motorbikes.  It is not an uncommon site to see a family of four on one of these bikes.  From Santa Elena to Flores we took a tuk tuk.  

We ate a late lunch at La Galeria del zotz and then grabbed snacks for the Tikal trip the next day.  We are happy to be in Guatemala for the cheaper prices.  We walked the island and had tacos and beer at a breezy restaurant named cafe bar el tropical.  Back at the hostel we realize we are sharing our room with the worst smelling human ever. Off to bed since we are going to Tikal the next morning.

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