May 27th Guatemala

by - May 30, 2018

May 27th

Today we decided to go on a hike by ourselves.  We took the main road back out and found the trail that leads to the cliffs.  We ended up taking a wrong turn and found ourselves at the top of the mountain.  It was insanely steep and wet from the nights rain.  It was so worth the views we saw on the way up.  We passed local farmers clearing the land for cacao and coffee plants with machetes as we went up.  

Then we walked the opposite way down the road and went to a cable/wood bridge that the locals use to cross the river.  It was wild crossing the rickety bridge.  It swayed as you went.  

Local kids followed us and wanted their picture taken.  We went to a local tienda and bought 2 beers, 2 waters, and 2 sodas (for Pepe and Edgar) for $3.  

There were chickens, pigs, turkeys, and dogs all wandering freely.  

When we got back, Bart went fishing in the river and I read/took a nap in a hammock.  At 3 PM we went "extreme tubing".  The local kids pushed everyone to buy beer and chocolate from them and then we grabbed our tubes to head to the river.  Bart was a little too focused on the GoPro and almost went for a face plant into the river.  The tubing was guided by 3 local teenagers and for good reason.  Nobody had life jackets and it was important to stay away from rocks going down the rapids because if you fell off the current would take you away.  The water was cold and refreshing and we all had a blast.  For dinner they served stewed potatoes, lentil loaf, bruschetta, salad, and some sort of cake.

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