January 8-9th Chile/Argentina

by - January 12, 2019

We left La Serena and hit the road for Mendoza.  We stopped along the way to make lunch.  We wanted to use up as many vegetables as we could before the border crossing.  The border crossing was a cluster and took nearly an hour.  Nobody seemed to know what was going on.  Then we headed towards Mendoza.  We stopped at a restaurant called El Rancho and had some dinner.  We drove a couple more hours and parked on a dirt road by a peach orchard.  

When we woke we realized we had basically parked in a garbage dump.  It was humorous trying to dress our nicest for the wineries while in a dump.  A local farmer stopped to see if we were ok.  After we got ready we headed into the town of Tupungato.  We went grocery shopping, printed our Argentina insurance, went to a Pago fácil and then had coffee at Le Tre Cafe.  We were excited for our lunch paired with wine at Bodega La Azul.  The food was great and the wine was even better!  They served us 5 actual glasses of wine.  No tastings here.  After lunch we headed to Andeluna for some more.  The atmosphere was better and it seemed more upscale.  The wine was also amazing here.  Then we stopped into another winery, but they were closed.  We headed to our spot in the dump and relaxed for the night.

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