August 31-September 4th Portugal-Spain

by - September 04, 2019

We went from Lisbon to Sagres via bus.  We really enjoyed Sagres.  It was a sleepy little surf town.  We spent a day discovering the beautiful Algarve coast.  We walked a nice trail, ate seafood, and went to the beach.  Then we took a bus to Lagos and switched to a different bus that brought us to Faro.  It wasn’t our favorite city, but that was probably because the weather was insanely hot and we didn’t get much sleep in the hostel since there is no air conditioning.  We did a movie theatre day to escape the heat.  Then we took a bus to Seville, Spain.  The city is clean and full of beautiful architecture.  We walked around for the afternoon and then went out for tapas.  The next day we explored more of the city.  We walked through a couple markets and enjoyed the cloudy day.

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