September 19-20th around Alba, Italy

by - September 23, 2019

We woke up at 8 AM and had breakfast.  Our Airbnb host is so nice and put out an array of items.  Then we got ready and hit the road.  We stopped at one of the hundreds of wineries and did a tasting. Then we walked around the nearby town of Barolo.  We grabbed lunch there, which was super yummy.  Then we took some back roads to a couple of small towns with castles in the center.  It is so beautiful in this area of Italy.  We eventually made it to Alba, home of the white truffles.  Alba is also where Nutella, Ferrero rocher, and Kínder were invented.  We explored the town for 4 hours and then went to Osteria del’ Arco for dinner.  We missed the white truffle season by 2 day, but the food was still great.  Another Michellin restaurant in the books for us.  We did buy a black truffle for dinner the next night though.  On the 20th we visited other areas in the Piedmont region.  We were so lucky to be here during a biennial world cheese fest in Bra.  We sampled endless amounts of cheese from all over the world!  It was such a great experience!  We also bought fresh picked porcini mushrooms for dinner.  We headed back to the Airbnb early to hang out with the animals and make our truffle and porcini mushroom pasta.  It was delicious!  Congrats to our good friends Kate and Carl ok getting married!  We are sad we couldn’t be there!!!

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