August 2nd Peru

by - August 03, 2018

We found a cafe for breakfast and had a good laugh when I ordered a coffee to go and it literally came out on a plastic bag.  Then we went back to the hostel to charge all of our electronics for the night bus.  We made our way to the local market and were extremely impressed with the variety of food.  There were many new fruits and we tried a few of them including a different type of pineapple and guaba, or ice cream bean.  We made a fruit platter for lunch back at the hostel.  Trujillo is lacking in activities and atmosphere.  The plaza is quite nice and some say it is the best in Peru.  It is the best we have seen so far on our travels.  We spent many hours at the hostel, each of us winding into the wormhole created by YouTube.  We went out in search of dinner with Mexican in mind.  Unfortunately most restaurants are closed.  It seems we are the only tourists in town.  Locals eat out frequently for lunch, but not dinner.  Between that and school being out are our guesses for the restaurant closings.  We did find a decent Italian restaurant and enjoyed some spaghetti bolognese.  At 8 PM we took a taxi to the bus terminal.  After some confusion we got onto the Movilbus.  It was another double decker and was extremely clean, but boy was it hot in there.  Bart enjoyed his seat being kicked by a kid the entire ride.  

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