July 31st-August 1st Ecuador-Peru

by - August 01, 2018

After a bad nights sleep due to the guy that snored all night long(or at least until I went over and poked him) we went to the train station at 8 AM.  We were aware that this was a popular tourist attraction, but decided to give it a go.  The ride itself was really cool.  We enjoyed the scenery and the switchbacks.  Apparently the passengers used to be able to sit on the roof, but a couple people stood up and got themselves decapitated.  That would have made it way more worth the $33.  After only 30 minutes they brought us to a small town where locals were performing a traditional dance and charging tourists to take pictures with their llamas and horses.  We found this to be boring and didn't need to be there for an entire hour.  Eventually we made our way back to Alausi and packed up for our future bus trips.  Marco brought us and some others to the bus stop at 11:30 AM.  The first lag of our trip was from Alausi to Cuenca and took 4 hours.  Then we bought an overnight bus from Cuenca, Ecuador to Chiclayo, Peru.  It didn't leave until 9:30 PM so we went and had a nice beer and some burgers.  We were a little sad to be leaving Cuenca without spending some time there.  It was so nice and welcoming.  Not very many large cities feel as safe as Cuenca did.  We put it on the list to revisit someday.  We reached the border crossing at 1 AM.  It was a rude awakening, but it only took about an hour to get through.  We arrived in Chiclayo around noon and bought the next bus to Trujillo.  So far we are not impressed with Peru and can see why people skip the top portion of the country.  The streets are covered with garbage and everything is brown and dusty.  We haven't seen littering like this since Central America.  Every town we drive through is depressing.  The bus to Trujillo is a double decker.  We had some pretty awesome seats.  Top level and up in the front.  The view was pretty great, but the no air conditioning and no windows to open wasn't.  We got to Trujillo at 6 PM and decided to spend the night instead of carrying on to Huarez.  We got a room in a pretty nasty hostel and enjoyed a shitty shower and some McDonald's.  We bought an overnight bus to Haurez for tomorrow night.  Let's just hope we don't get bed bugs...

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  1. I have visited Baños, Cuenca, and Quito, and I am sure that I will get more chances to explore the best places in Ecuador. I am a student, and I belong to South America, so I felt curious to read Ecuador Travel Guide as it helped me to know my place in a better way.

  2. I am so glad you took the time to read my blog! We loved all of South America, especially Ecuador.