August 5th Peru

by - August 07, 2018

We woke up around 8 AM and were very shocked we slept in that late.  We could see that the larger groups had left and their camp was almost all packed up.  Neither of us slept very well due to it being so cold and the uneven ground.  We ate breakfast and had some coffee while enjoying the view.  Our steripen died and we aren't sure the half used propane tank we bought will last.  Either way we boiled water to drink.  The water is so clean, but there is a lot of grazing animals near them so we want to be careful.  Then we packed away our wet tent and set off back over the log bridge.  We knew this was going to be the hardest day, but you can't prepare yourself for it.  The first 6 hours were uphill.  At first it was a low grade incline, but it slowly became steep to the point of just putting one foot in front of the other.  We could see Punta Union 2 hours before we would pass it.  I'm not going to pretend that we were having a blast, because it was so difficult for us.  I also cannot describe how stunning the views were the entire time.  Once we arrived at Punta Union we climbed a bit higher to get the best view.  It was breathtaking and by far the best views we have seen on a trek so far.  The turquoise blue mountain lake was spectacular as well.  It was worth every painful step. We spoke with a couple of men doing the trek in the opposite direction for a while and one of them was nice enough to give us some water purification tablets since we weren't sure if we would have enough propane to keep boiling water to drink and have enough for dinners.  We set out down the other side of the pass.  The next 2 hours would all be downhill for us....except that I forgot my stupid sticks(trekking poles) at the top.  Back up I went.  Once we arrived at the camping area we found a nice spot near the river.  We made sure the ground was really flat this time.  There are and have been grazing cows, horses, sheep, and donkeys the entire trip.  We know the donkeys and some of the horses belong to the trekking guides, but the other animals don't have tags and are not fenced in.  It is much colder at this campsite than the last.  We watched some of the children of the guides catch trout in the nearby stream.  We bundled up and got right to making dinner and enjoying a cold beer.  Bandit the trail dog came to visit us again.  We didn't last long out in the elements.  We bundled up better than the night before and got into the tent to get warm.  After a movie we tried to go to bed, but again we both struggled.  We did have a good laugh as we tossed and turned in our sleeping bags listening to the donkeys "eeh haw".

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