July 29-30th Ecuador

by - August 01, 2018

July 29th

We left Banos and headed to Alausi in the morning.  It was almost a 3 hour bus ride.  Once we arrived we walked down the hill towards our hostel.  A local man pulled his car over and was relieving himself by the side of the road like it was no big deal.  Alausi seems like a very nice and quiet little town.  Once we arrived at our hostel we checked in.  It is an extremely nice and clean hostel with quaint train decor.  We took a stroll around town and caught the end of their town market. One market was filled with kitchenware, clothing, and tools.  The other was filled with fruits and vegetables.  We saw a few different root vegetables that are unknown to us.  We stopped and had some lunch.  I was served half raw meatballs, which needed to be recooked.  We relaxed at the hostel for a long while before dinner.  We found a great little pizzeria for dinner.  We both enjoyed some baked pasta dishes.  Unfortunatly we didn't do our research and couldn't book the Devil's nose train ride for the next day since it doesn't run on Mondays.  Instead we booked it for Tuesday.  

July 30th

We had breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and a fried banana donut at the hostel.  Marco, the owner of the hostel brought us to the local laundry mat to get our laundry done.  Then we walked to the statue of San Pedro, which overlooks the town.  Marco also suggested we walk the bridge that the train passes across.  When I picked up our laundry three young brothers were folding it.  I guess it's a family business.  We both got $3 hair cuts and then went to the market to buy fresh vegetables to make lunch.  It was overall an unproductive day since the town is so quiet.  We went back to the Italian restaurant and had pizza for dinner.

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