August 11th Hvar Island, Croatia

by - August 12, 2019

Happy Birthday Bart!!!!!  After breakfast we rented a moped for the day.  We first headed to Zárace beach before it got too busy.  We did some snorkeling and then headed down a long dirt road to Sveta Nedija beach.  This one requires a small hike down to the cove.  It was also spring fed so it was super cold water.  On the hike out we had some local wine being sold by a local man in a little shack.  Both of the beaches were beautiful.  Then we had lunch in the town of  Sveta Nedija.  We stopped in the town of Vrboska, which they call their Venice.  We took the scenic route back to Hvar and relaxed for a bit.  After we cleaned up we went to Junior for Bart’s birthday dinner.  We had a fresh seafood platter.  We ended the night with a martini at a fancy restaurant.

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