August 3-5th Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina

by - August 12, 2019

On the 3rd we rented a car for the day.  We drove to an old monastery, had lunch at Old Mill restaurant overlooking a small waterfall, hiked through an old castle, and went to Andrija Winery.  The winery was a real treat.  We ended up getting a private tour and tasting.  The tasting included 5 glasses of wine and a really good meat, cheese, bread, olives, and olive oil platter.  He ended it by giving us each a glass of cognac that isn’t made anymore that costs $150 a bottle.  We bought a bottle of wine and a bottle of olive oil and then headed back to Mostar.  On the 4th we took a bus to Sarajevo.  I really messed up on the hostel booking.  I booked a hostel called War Hostel assuming it would be decorated in war memorabilia.  Upon arrival we found out it was more of a war experience.  No electricity, no wifi, and no running water.  A man by the name agent 01 showed us to our room where we would sleep on the floor  or a small mat with old wool blankets.  The bathroom was disgusting.  You went outside to get a bucket of water to flush the toilet after each use.  You use newspaper instead of toilet paper.  We decided to stay for one night and see how it went.  We walked around the old town for the day.  We ate doner kebabs and drank Bosnian(Turkish coffee).  For dinner we walked to a restaurant that served really good pizza and ate it next to a Muslim cemetery.  We woke up on the 5th very tired.  We walked around the city some more and then did a walking tour.  It was very interesting and gave us some more insight into the complex history of the balkans.  Then we packed and checked into our new hostel.

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