August 6-10th Korcula Island, Croatia

by - August 12, 2019

On the 6th we took the 10 AM bus from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik.  We used Dubrovnik as a stopover to get to Korcula Island.  We stayed at a hostel close to the bus station.  We ate some dinner and then went to Dubrovnik Beer Company for some local beers.  On the 7th we took a bus/ferry combination to Korcula Island.  We created quite a problem for ourselves.  We booked the ferry arrival and the Airbnb on one end of the island and the next ferry and the dive center on the other.  Once we got off the ferry we grabbed a ride from the Airbnb dude and dropped off our luggage.  The place was absolutely amazing, but the location was far from town.  It was a little cabin in a field of olive trees.  We hitched a ride back into town to straighten out our mess.  We ended up changing the dive site and ferry to be near the Airbnb.  After lunch we walked to the dive center and filled out our paperwork and got our gear assigned and organized.  We then went grocery shopping and headed back to the cabin.  We enjoyed making a fire and cooking our own food.  It was a stressful travel day that ended well.  On the 8th we made breakfast at the cabin and then headed into town.  It was about a 20 minute walk.  We had lunch and then went to the dive center.  We opted out of the refresher class to save a bit of money.  It was our first time diving other than our training.  We found it to be very difficult to control our buoyancy.  It was our first time wearing wetsuits, using so much weight, and using a steel tank.  We did two 45 minute dives with two other couples along with the guide.  Everyone was really nice.  We were glad we went, but we’re not impressed with the amount of sea life we saw.  The highlight was an octopus, which was pretty cool to see.  Once we finished we went grocery shopping and then grabbed a taxi back to the cabin.  We made another yummy meal on the outdoor fire.  On the  9th we walked into town after breakfast.  It was another insanely hot day and we didn’t make it far.  We tried to rent a moped, but they were all sold out.  We grabbed some groceries and then headed back to the cabin.  We relaxed for the day and made another nice dinner.  Sleeping was difficult here because there was no air, fan, or breeze up in the loft where the bed was.  On the 10th we had to get up at 3 AM to catch the 5:30 ferry.  We arrived on Hvar island around 7:30 AM.  We sat at a coffee shop and waited to check into our Airbnb at 9 AM.  We could only drop our luggage off though.  We walked to a local beach.  It was an easy 30 minute hike to Robinson beach.  We rented a couple of loungers for the day.  We went snorkeling and relaxed.  It was a beautiful beach and there wasn’t too many people.  We had lunch at the restaurant by the beach.  Then we checked in around 2 PM.  We cleaned up and then headed out to dinner.

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