25-26th Vietnam

by - June 26, 2019

On the 25th we drove from Hoi An to Kon Tum.  After breakfast we went back to Style Motorbikes to get Bart a different phone holder since his new(old) one they gave him the day prior didn't work.  We spoke with one of the employees and he showed us a better route to get to Kon Tum.  Instead of the Ho Chi Minh Trail we took a less used route that had some great mountain passes and very little traffic.  It was one of the best days since the north part of Vietnam.  We got about half way there and I  had another flat tire.  After getting that fixed we got back on the road.  It was an extremely long 6 hour day.  The weather was cool for once at least.  When we arrived in Kon Tum we checked into our hotel and then headed out to find some food.  We happened upon a pop up food truck.  We ordered two bowls of pho and boy were we happy with the results.  It was the best bowl of pho we have had in our entire lives.  On the 26th we took our time leaving town.  We took a long walk to a really interesting cafe.  It had the sweetest dog and had a secret garden vibe.  Then we packed up the bikes and went to a restaurant restaurant for lunch.  It only took us an hour to get to Pleiku.  We checked into our hotel, went to the movie Annabelle, and then went out for dinner.  We happened to be in the same theatre with about 100 shrieking schoolgirls.  Th movie had everyone jumping out of their seats.  It also made everyone clap when the "cute" boy made a funny joke.  It was worth the $5.00 we paid for our tickets.

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