27-29th Vietnam

by - June 29, 2019

On the 27th we drove from Pleiku to Buon Ma Thuot.  It was a long 6 hour day.  We discovered another Vietnamese dish that we enjoyed called pho kho.  On the 28th we went to the cutest cafe with a secret garden feel.  Then we packed up and drove to Da Lat.  It wasn't the most pleasant drive.  The traffic was busy and the roads had loads of potholes.  We stopped at a cafe just in time to miss a huge downpour.  We went through some construction and it was a sloppy mess of red clay.  I dumped my bike twice and looked like I had rolled around in a mud pile with my bike.  We had a good laugh at the situation.  I was struggling to pick my bike up because of the weight of the bags strapped to it and the slippery mud.  I looked over at the two men in the truck next to me and they weren't jumping to my rescue.  I don't think they wanted to get their feet dirty.  Once we got to Da Lat we checked into our hotel.  We went out for some yummy burgers and chili cheese fries for dinner.  We are super happy with the cool mountain weather.  On the 29th we went to a weasel coffee farm.  The coffee tasted normal, but we really enjoyed petting one of the weasels.  It's a bit sad to see them caged up just so they can be force fed coffee beans during the harvest and their poo can be collected.  Then we went for lunch and had some wonton pho.  We went to a place called the Crazy House and walked around.  After going to the store we played some pool at the hotel, relaxed, and then went out for sushi.

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