May 6-8th Tuyen Quang-Ha Giang-Dong Van, Vietnam

by - June 09, 2019

6th: 98 miles

The landscape was very similar to th day prior.  We stayed the night in Ha Giang.  We found a local restaurant and had bun cha for dinner.  We also had some homemade rice wine.  We are truly sick of Vietnamese food already.

7th: 96 miles

We drove from Ha Giang to Dong Van on this day.  The views were spectacular.  Tons of switchbacks going up and down the mountains.  We enjoyed how much cooler it was at the top of the mountains.  We stopped on top of one mountain to have some tea and coffee.  Then we spent the night in Dong Van.  We went to Roma Pizzeria and ate some pretty good pizza.

8th: 80 miles

We went to a local cafe to have some Vietnamese coffee, which was really good.  Then we had some pho for breakfast.  We drove about an hour to get to the Lung Cu Flagpole.  We paid the little bit of money to walk to the top.  Then Bart took us to a lookout spot, which was even better.  The drive there was unique as well.  Our phones even said we were in China.  After that we went in search of some caves.  The drive was beautiful, but we didn't find the caves.  Bart waded in the river for a bit and then we headed to the loop.  This loop definitely put some miles on those motorbikes.  The road would have been much easier on a dirt bike.    It was bumpy, dirty, and so uncomfortable.  The views were worth it though.  Then we went back to the hotel to relax for a bit.  We spent an extra night in Dong Van.  We went to Roma Pizzeria again for dinner.

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