May 30-31st Chiang Mai-Hanoi, Vietnam

by - June 01, 2019

May 30th
We spent the day doing our own thing until dinner.  I went to My Secret Cafe and worked on the blog, read a book, and ate an amazing piece of carrot cake.  Then I got a neck, shoulder, and back massage.  It was the best massage I've gotten in Thailand yet.  Then I got the worst pedicure ever.  The polish wouldn't dry so they gave me a ride on their motorbike to Kat's Kitchen.  For lunch I ate green curry and rice.  Bart got a massage, ate a bagel, and drank some beer.  We went to Billy's for some Italian food for dinner.

May 31st
We went to My Secret Cafe for breakfast and then got a tuk tuk to the airport.  We got into Hanoi around 3 p.m.  After we checked into our hostel and booked our trip to Ha Long Bay, we went out for a stroll and to get dinner.  We ate at a bahn mi restaurant and then tried some soup at a street vendor.   We stopped at a local bar and had some fresh beer.  It is brewed daily and has no preservatives.  The gentlemen next to us gave us a shot of their whiskey.  They serve it in a bowl with ice that is covered it's a plastic cover to separate the ice from the whiskey.  Then you ladle it into your shot glass as needed.  We also went to a nice bar known for their pho cocktail.  Bart ordered it and it was quite the production.  This city is as crazy as we've heard it would be.  People are coming from all directions and there are a million motorbikes.  It's overwhelming, but we both like the city.

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