June 1st Hanoi, Vietnam

by - June 05, 2019

We woke up around 8 a.m.  We went to the restaurant across the street for our free breakfast.  Then we walked to the Prison Hoa Lo museum.  It was interesting, but we both felt like they may have not been truthful regarding the conditions provided for the American prisoners.  Then we went to a popular restaurant for some bun cha.  It was really good.  You are each served with a bowl of broth and grilled meat.  You are also given a platter filled with greens, sprouts, and noodles.  Then we went and tried egg coffee.  It was yummy and because we had ours with rum.  It doesn't resemble coffee at all.  It's more like a cup of light brown whipped cream.  We walked through a market and then found the street with all of the shoes.  We each bought a pair of Nike's for super cheap.  Bart was in search of a pair of Pippen shoes he used to own and we couldn't believe we found them!  After buying a few snacks from a grocery store we relaxed back at the hostel for a bit.  We had dinner at a famous pho restaurant and chatted with a local and a lady from South Korea.

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