June 16-18th Vietnam

by - June 18, 2019

The 16th was a rough day of driving.  When we left town the traffic was crazy.  Vehicles were coming from every direction.  We spent the day passing one big truck after the other.  We arrived in Mai Chau and after much confusion we found out guesthouse.  The owner was super nice.  We ate at a local restaurant and had some pretty good food.  On the 17th we packed up after breakfast and headed into Pu Luong National Park.  It was a very nice drive through the park.  We spent the night in a pretty shitty town.  It downpoured all evening, but we went out in our ponchos for dinner.  On the 18th we put in a very long day.  It started with me having another flat tire.  After finding a mechanic we got on the road.  We couldn't believe the traffic.  We were on a crazy busy highway most of the time.  Google changed our route and took us down the wrong road.  We stopped for pho in a small town.  We ended in Ha Tinh.  After finding a hotel we went to the mall, watched Men in Black International at the theatre, had dinner, and went to the grocery store.

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