October 20th Uruguay

by - October 23, 2018

It felt amazing to sleep in!  We woke to a light rain and decided to go right back to bed guilt free.  When we woke at 10 AM Bart made some yummy scrambled eggs with red pepper for breakfast.  Then we went for a walk to the beach.  We decided to pack up the truck and head down the coast toward Montevideo.  Along the way we stopped at a couple small shops selling mostly cheese, dulce de leche, and honey.  We are very happy to finally be in a country with good cheese.  A nice lady let us sample a couple kinds and they were so good.  We had lunch at a small restaurant in Colonia de Valdense.  We both ordered the local favorite Chivito.  It’s a sandwich with grilled steak, ham, lettuce, tomato, egg, cheese, and mayo.  It was really good.  Then we drove to Montevideo.  At 1.3 million, the population deterred us.  We stopped at a grocery store and stocked up and then went on our way.  We found a great spot to park near a beautiful white sand beach.  It is on a river that connects to the Atlantic.  So far I would explain Uruguay as a mix between Wisconsin and Florida.  Inland is the Wisconsin type farmland, while the beaches resemble Florida with palm trees and cacti.  We walked the beach, made dinner, walked the beach with wine at sunset, and finally enjoyed a martini in bed.  We met a dog that looked like it belonged on The Walking Dead.  It is the first dog we haven’t even wanted to pet.  It literally had dreadlocks and devilish eyes.  There were many people kite boarding in the river as it was crazy windy out.  Another great day in our new home!

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