October 28-29th Uruguay

by - October 30, 2018

October 28th

After breakfast we headed over to Mascha’s other rental property to paint some windows and doors.  As we were turning down the street towards the house we heard a crash and then a scraping sound.  We immediately jumped out of the truck and saw our front wheel was practically detached from the truck.  We spent the remainder of the day dealing with it.  We waited for Mascha to finish teaching so she could help us decide what to do.  Meanwhile, we walked to the house and painted.  We went to her friend Milton’s house where we rode his bikes to the mechanics house.  He wasn’t home so we decided to call the tow company from the nearby town of Castillos.  We unloaded what we needed from the truck and brought it back to the house.  The tow truck was supposed to be there in an hour, but took almost 4.  He dropped it off at the mechanic.  This was a terrible thing to happen, but it couldn’t have happened in a better place.

October 29th

We met Milton at 9 AM at his house where he showed us around.  His house resembles a little hobbit house.  Every room was so small, even the furniture looked miniature.  He is a writer, an ex-hippie, a bike repair man, and now a religious man.  He is very pleasant and we are happy to be able to communicate with him since he speaks English.  We rode his bikes down to Cacha's, the town mechanic.  Milton is helping us translate.  Not only does the mechanic speak Spanish, but he has a severe speech impediment.  It is clear that he is a very nice man through the translation and his janky smile.  When we ask the price to fix the truck, he tells us a ridiculously low number.  We are elated about this.  We ran some errands around town, relaxed, did a few chores around the house, and dropped off a gift to Milton for helping us.  We made pizza for dinner and packed up to go to Cabo Polonia the next day.

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