October 26-7th Uruguay

by - October 28, 2018

October 26th

We woke to the sound of our home being surrounded by chickens.  This isn't the most beautiful or remote place we have stayed, but they all can't be awesome.  We headed over the the rental property of Mascha, the owner of the olive farm we will be working on.  After some confusion about where it is(she gave us the wrong address) we made ourselves at home.  She gave us a list of chores to be done so we got to it(after a hot shower for me).  We raked, moved brush across the road, and got the front gate ready to be painted.  Then we went out for lunch and walked to the beach.  At some point a stray horse made its way into the yard.  We made pizza for dinner and relaxed for the evening.

October 27th

After making breakfast we started yard work again.  There was more to be raked and drug across the road and the fence still needed painting.  Mascha showed up around noon so we sat around and got to know each other for a bit.  Then she brought us to their other rental property in town to show us what needed to be done.  Looks like a bunch more painting and a little hedge trimming.  Then we went to the beach, but didn't last very long due to the wind.  Mascha brought vegetables, fruit, eggs, and olive oil from their farm.  She also picked up some short ribs and flank steak.  We spent the evening preparing the fire and cooking, eating, and enjoying wine with her over conversation.  Our little yellow lab friend stayed around all night.  He must only be a year old because he has not learned his manners yet.

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