October 25th Uruguay

by - October 26, 2018

After making breakfast we headed out to the beach for one last attempt at fishing in the lagoon.  All the local fisherman are using live bait and extremely long fishing poles.  Then we drove into the town of Poloma.  We stopped at a supermarket to get a few things then we hit the road to go to Valizas.  We spent the day exploring the quaint little town.  We stopped and had lunch and wine at the only place open called El Rey de la Milanesa.  The bottle of wine only cost $3.  We then found our sleeping spot and parked the truck.  It was an unproductive afternoon.  We made dinner and a couple of stray dogs visited us.

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  1. Its so fun to see you two on the road again. The camper is awesome, creating so much freedom now.
    Love, Dad