October 22nd Uruguay

by - October 23, 2018

We went to bed with the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.  Our own personal noise machine.  We were then woken by the sound of a bird walking on our roof.  It was so nice to open our back door and  take in the view of the ocean.  We made coffee and breakfast and then went to the beach for a cold dip.  We decided it was time for some exercise.  We drove about 6 miles to Reserva de Fauna Autóctona.  We generally skip all zoo type places for ethical reasons, but it was free and we are on a budget.  We felt bad for some of the animals, especially those in the feline family.  Others seemed to be happy to bathe in the sun and be fed every meal.  This was also the entrance to Cerro Pan de Azucar, which was the hike we decided to do.  It surprised us how out of shape we were from the 2 months back home.  It was a nice technical hike and there was a huge cross at the top where we hiked into to get to the top.  When we got back to the truck we decided to head down the coast to Punta del Este, which is a huge party city during peak season.  Lucky for us it is low tourist season so the place was pretty quiet.  We are learning that many Uruguayans are very well off.  Many families have multiple homes.  The roads are well maintained and the tolls to drive the roads are very expensive.   It feels almost like we are in the US at times.  This is definitely a country where it is cheaper for us to cook rather than go out to eat.  We found a place to park at the end of the peninsula and set up camp.  We made some tasty lentils, carrots and beans for dinner.  We are finding that it is easiest to team up while making meals and doing dishes.  One person is the sous chef and one mans the gas grill.  We siphon gas out of our gas tank for this-it's pretty ridiculous.  I read for a while and Bart fished.

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