October 21st Uruguay

by - October 23, 2018

When we woke up, Bart made coffee and breakfast.  We then packed up for a day at the beach.  It was very nice, but very windy.  We fished and explored the sand dunes.  Then we packed up and went into town.  We got hot dogs and fries at a local restaurant.  After walking around town for a bit we decided to hit the road instead of staying another night.  We drove to Punta Colorada.  We fished and explored the coast.  Then we found a great spot overlooking the ocean.  After a wash up in the cold ocean, Bart made some spicy rice and beans for dinner.  We relaxed and enjoyed the view the rest of the afternoon.  Traveling in a vehicle has its pros and cons.  Getting to sleep in the most beautiful places is a big pro and the lack of shower/bathroom is the big con.  Oh, and dishes suck too ;)

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