November 1-3rd Uruguay

by - November 03, 2018

November 1st

We ate homemade yogurt and granola along with bananas and honey for breakfast.  Then we headed out to do more work.  We weeded more olive trees for the first few hours.  It's hard work for the hands and knees.  Eventually it was lunch time.  And then more weeding.  We also burned a brush pile in the afternoon.  We made a fire and had a wonderful Turkish style dinner.  It is the coldest day in Uruguay yet.

November 2nd

After a breakfast of eggs and cheese we headed out to do more tasks.  We did a few hours of weeding before we needed a break.  After lunch Bart chopped down pine trees while I cleared some rocks on a path.  Then we hauled a couple loads of wood from the back hills up to the house to be used as firewood.  After that we burned another brush pile followed by cleaning out a pond of some plants.  We introduced Mascha to bloody marys while she cooked us a lovely dinner of mashed potatoes, homemade sour kraut, and sausage.  It was delicious, one of my favorite meals.

November 3rd

We had breakfast together and then we relaxed while Mascha taught a class.  Then we all packed up and headed back into Valizas.  When we arrived we ate lunch at a beach restaurant, picked up our truck, and repacked the truck with all of our belongings.  It only costed us around $100 for the entire tow/fix of the truck.  We are happy about that.  We made homemade spaghetti for dinner.

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