November 4-8th Uruguay

by - November 08, 2018

November 4th

After breakfast we set out to go to Santa Teresa Park.  It was about 45 minutes away.  We walked/drove around the park for an hour.  There were animals, a nice beach where locals were surfing, and a camping area.  Then we left and went to Punta del Diablo, a tourist town on the coast.  We ate a lunch of empanadas , buneulos de alga, beer and some tasty passion fruit drinks.  Although it was touristy, the town had a fun vibe and we enjoyed it.  We headed north after that.  We found a great area to camp overlooking the ocean.  We made dinner and enjoyed the evening.
November 5th

We woke early to head to Chuy, Brazil.  Before we left Bart went fishing and I read a book.  We arrived in Chuy around 8:30.  We filled up with gas, which is much cheaper than Uruguay.  Then we went to the supermarket and a duty free store.  They do not allow Uruguayans to buy food or supplies from here because they do not want them importing things from other countries.  We even had to show our passports to buy groceries.  After that we drove back to the farm.  We worked a bit, ate dinner, and went to bed.

November 6-8th

 Not much to note about these 3 days.  We continued to weed the olive trees, mow, clean and pain the roof, etc.  Mascha was kind enough to make tenderloin for our last dinner.  It has been a great experience overall with this work-away.  We have learned  a lot about olive farming and living off the grid.

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