November 23-29th

by - November 29, 2018

We spent the 23-26th in Posadas waiting to hear from the mechanic about the progress of the truck.  We spent our days exploring the town by foot and trying new restaurants.  As you can imagine we became bored of this.  We decided to rent a car and go camping for a couple days.  On the 27th we picked up our rental Fiat and headed to San Ignacio, which is about an hour away.  Charlie from the mechanic shop recommended we go to a place called Club de Rio.  It wasn’t exactly what we had in mind, but it was still a good time.  We went swimming and fishing.  Then we set up camp and made dinner.  We got rained on this night, but hoped for clear weather the next day.  After breakfasts we drove into town and gathered food for another night of camping.  We first drive to Provincial Teyú Cúare Parque where we hiked for a few hours.  We saw a dead tarantula, a swimming otter, many birds, and beautiful greenery.  Then we drove to Parque Provincial Canadan de Profunidad.  We walked to check out the waterfalls.  It was quite funny watching Bart carefully creep down the trail waving his spider web stick.  There were spiders everywhere!  The waterfalls were really neat.  The first was bigger and had cold water.  The other was smaller with warmer water.  After a nice rinse from the falls we headed back to set up camp.  We made dinner on our butane stove since our lighter ran out of fuel.  A pretty gnarly dog visited us from out of nowhere.  We enjoyed he place and had it to ourselves.  The next morning we woke early to have breakfast before we headed back to Posadas.  We filled up with gas and then dropped out camping gear off at the truck.  We received great news there.  Charlie said our truck would probably be fixed tomorrow!  We still don’t know the cost, but it is still good news.  The owner of the mechanic shop wants to take us to Corrientes and let us stay at his rental house if it isn’t booked.  Apparently the fishing is great there.  We look forward to getting on the road.

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