November 19-22nd Argentina

by - November 22, 2018

I have very little to report as we are stuck in the town of Posadas while the truck is in the shop.  We are waiting to get a timeline for it to be fixed since we may need to order parts from the states.  In the meantime we have been enjoying relaxing and eating out.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and family!

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  1. Its been great to catch up once again with your fabulous blog since we've been away for the last 4 weeks. I am really sorry about the truck breakdowns and hope you can get her on the the road again. As long as you both are safe, healthy and happy, life is wonderful.

  2. Hey you two..... A Happy Thanksgiving...a few days late you both. Maybe hanging out waiting for your truck will turn into some awesome experience for you in Posadas. Travel often has a way of making these serendipitous experiences happen. Happy Trails!! U Paul