November 9th Uruguay

by - November 12, 2018

We took Mascha to Castillos at 7:15 AM.  She was so sweet and gave us homemade olive oil, peanut butter, and passion fruit juice for our trip as a parting gift.  We will miss our time with her and her two dogs.  Toni liked us from the start and Tootie was just starting to like us.  Then we drove to Trenta y Trace, which took us about 3 hours.  We found a place to have lunch, but it wasn't open yet.  We walked around town for a while.  It is a nice town, but definitely not a tourist town.  Lunch was a let down, but it filled us up.  I had bolagnesa and Bart had a burger.  We walked past a homemade pasta shop and bought raviolis and sauce for dinner.  Then we went to a local park to talk about our plan for the day.  We decided to hit the road since we couldn't find a good or safe place to park for the night.  After driving down the longest dirt road we arrived at the natural preserve called Quebrada de Los Cuervo.  We headed out to do the day hike.  It only took us an hour, but it was really beautiful.  The views were great and the terrain was technical.  There was a river that was super clean.  Bart spotted a ring in the water and I went in after it.  It was junk.  All the fish swarmed around my legs as I stood there, which was really neat to see.  When we arrived back at the camping area we set up camp, showered, did laundry, and made dinner.  It was nice to have the place to ourselves.  We enjoyed all the huge lizards that came to visit as we ate dinner.  A good day back on the road with all four tires attached.

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