November 16th Argentina

by - November 17, 2018

We drove to the nearby mechanic in Santa Ana.  After looking at it, all the guidos in flip flops decided it was the thermostat.  They tried to remove it, but decided it was too hard to do since they would need to remove the radiator first.  Apparently the bolts are stripped.  We had them call us a tow truck to take it to Posadas 40 minutes away.  We took it to a Toyota dealership where they agreed it was the thermostat and also the radiator cap.  Since they don’t open again until 3:30 we walked an hour away to a restaurant called La Reudita.  It was really good and really cheap!  Then we went to an ice cream shop to use their WiFi.  We walked back to the dealership.  It’s been the hottest day yet on this lag of our trip.  To our surprise they found both parts.  He originally thought he was going to have to order parts from Paraguay and have them shipped here.  It took them until 7:30 to finish.  We also had them look the truck over to see if there is anything else that isn’t safe.  The other ball and socket joint is bad so we had to go back the next day.  We drove to a campsite which didn’t exist in the dark.  Then we found a different one.  It was basically a dude renting out his field in the middle of town.  Good enough.  We showered, made dinner, and relaxed.

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