October 31st Uruaguay

by - November 02, 2018

After coffee and breakfast we packed our stuff to head to the farm with Mascha.  We arrived in Castillos a 1/2 hour later where we ran multiple errands with Mascha.  Then we drove another 20 minutes to the farm.  It is truly beautiful here.  So quiet and peaceful.  She showed us around and then we had lunch.  Rain water is their only source of water.  They use solar panels for their electricity.  The only thing they buy for the house is propane to run the stove and for the hot water heater.  We worked for the afternoon weeding the olive trees, cleaning the chicken coup and mowing the grass.  She made us some yummy chicken stir fry.  We sampled their many homemade liqueurs and they were so good!  Not going to lie, they make some of them from rubbing alcohol....wow!  They make their own hot sauce, olives, yogurt, chutneys, and pickled eggs.   There are 2 dogs and 7 chickens.  The fresh eggs are a delight.  After dinner we headed back to our quaint little cabin and went to bed.  We are overall so happy with our host Mascha, she has been very kind, funny, and helpful.

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