May 12-13th Bangkok, Thailand

by - May 14, 2019

We slept in as long as we could to catch up on sleep.  Thailand has the hardest beds ever.  They are similar to sleeping on a wood floor and make for some restless nights.  We went to the famous Chatuchak market.  It is one of the larges in th world with over 15,000 stalls.  There are sections for clothes, food, home goods, crafts, and a uniquely large section filled with aquarium fish.  It was extremely overwhelming, but very neat.  Then we walked to the stadium to watch a Thai boxing match.  It was being televised live so they wanted a full audience, therefore it was free.  It was an awesome experience, but it was very hard to watch.  The boys were all so young; probably between 12 and 21.  One kid took a kick to the head and was knocked out.  There was illegal betting going on among the locals.  We watched about 4 different fights and then headed out.  We went to Chinatown for dinner.  We both ate a cricket and I ate a large fly like bug and a scorpion.  All were not good and will never be tried again.

We ran a bunch of errands to start the day.  We went to a fishing supply store, picked up laundry, printed off our visas for Myanmar, and ate some yummy homemade egg noodle soup for lunch.  Then we hung out at the hostel for a bit before going to the post office.  We decided to send home a ton of stuff including our camping gear.  We plan to rent motorbikes in Vietnam for a month and don't want to haul around this much stuff.  We sent back 20 pounds and it costed us $60, but would take around 3 months.  We ate toasties for lunch.  We met up with Yutachai, a foreign exchange student that my godparents hosted from my high school.  It was only supposed to be a 30 min taxi to meet him, but it turned into 2 hours.  The traffic is slow and crazy in Bangkok.  Once we met up with him, he showed us his food stall that he owns.  Then we drove another 30 minutes to a restaurant called Waterside.  We left the ordering up to him and shared all the food between the three of us.  It was really nice to catch up with him.  Then we took a taxi back to the guesthouse and it only took us 30 minutes.

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