May 26-29th Mandalay, Myanmar-Chiang Mai, Thailand

by - May 29, 2019

We didn't accomplish anything this day.  We took the day to relax, rehydrate, and stay out of the heat. We didn't feel any guilt because Mandalay didn't have anything to offer.  Just a hot, dirty city.  We ordered pizza, which was so yummy.

We took a taxi to the airport around 8:30 a.m.  It took almost an hour to get there.  We went from Mandalay to Bangkok and then had a layover from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.  We arrived in Chiang Mai around 7 p.m.  We checked into our hostel and met the hostel dog named Happy.  Bart wasn't feeling well so he rested.  I went to Som Petch Kitchen to enjoy the local dish called khao soi.

The shuttle for the cooking class picked us up at 8:30 a.m.  We went to a local market where Wass explained many of the ingredients we would be cooking with.  Then the shuttle took us out to the farm.  We put on our farmer hats and walked around the property and tasted many of the raw ingredients we would be cooking with.  Then we each made our own curry paste with a mortar and pestel.  We chose between red, gree, and yellow.  We continued to make pad Thai, tom ka or tom yum soup, fried chicken basil with rice, curry, and bananas in coconut milk.  We had some real gems in our class, but Wass managed to make it super fun.  She had a good time with the bananas: "who has the longest banana?" "Show me your banana!"  She also tried very hard to get hooked up with anyone's son or brother.  We left the farm around 5 p.m.  For dinner, we went to a burger joint.  It was also delicious.

We started our day out with going to Catmosphere, which is a cat cafe.  After washing and sanitizing our hands, putting booties on our feet and listening to the cat rules we were finally let in.  We were surrounded by about 20 cats.  There were all different kinds.  It was super fun living the life of a cat lady for an hour.  After that we went to the Warorot market and walked around.  We ate some chicken for lunch.  Then we went for a massage.  We ate at Salsa Kitchen to get our fix of Mexican food.  We stopped into My Beer Friend to have a couple of yummy craft beers before heading back to the hostel.

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