May 15-16th Yangon, Myanmar

by - May 17, 2019

We are so happy with the bed and room at this hostel.  We needed some good sleep after the rock hard bed at the last hostel in Bangkok.  We ate the free breakfast at our hostel, which was fried rice with soybeans and an egg on top.  Then we walked to the train station.  We wanted to take the circle train that circles around the entire city, but the track is under construction.  We took a different train that took us an hour through town and then back.  The way out of town we had the rickety old train almost to ourselves.  Then we switched trains and it was packed.  All of the people that live on the outside of the city were bringing their produce into the city to sell.  Some people had huge platters of food that they would mix up right there and people would eat for breakfast and lunch.  People sold water, nail clippers, popsicles, and fruit to each other.  It was a pretty neat experience.  We ate at Lucky Seven Tea House for lunch.  We went back to 999 Shan Noodles for dinner.  The same people were working.  Bart asked how they made their chili oil, which led to him leaving with two bags of it.  We both really like Myanmar tea.  It is close to Chai tea, but has more of a black tea flavor with different spices.

After a breakfast of noodles with an egg on it(covered by Bart's chili oil) we headed to the ferry.  We took the ferry over to Dala.  Dala is a fishing village across the river from Yangon.  It is only an island because there is a river that spits it away from the land.  We rented a guy and his tuk tuk to take us around the island to see everything.  We stopped at pagodas, temples, a market, a place that recycles materials into bags and other resellable items, an orphanage, and many other places.  Coco, our guide brought us to a rice shop and asked that we buy a sack of rice for the orphanage.  We didn't have enough money with us to buy it and they wouldn't make a smaller bag or take money.  The locals were clearly very poor and were living in bad conditions.  All of the children were so friendly and seemed very happy.  They waved and smiled at us.  A tsunami went through many years ago and destroyed their village and killed many.  It was a really interesting experience.  We went back to the hostel to cool off and then went to Lion World for dinner and beers.  It was a very local hangout and the food was pretty good.  We also tried the betel nut(local chewing tobacco).  It is a tea leaf rubbed with some sort of white lime juice that allows the body to absorb the betel nut.  They also put different flavors inside.  It is all wrapped up and chewed on.  It made our mouth go numb and gave Bart a buzz.  It was quite bad tasting.

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