May 14th Yangon, Myanmar

by - May 16, 2019

We woke up at 5:15 AM to get ready to head to Myanmar.  We took a Grab to the airport and then easily made it through to our gate.  We ate Burger King Whoppers for breakfast.  The flight was very short and they even served chicken pad Thai for breakfast.  Once in Myanmar we took a Grab to our hostel, which took about an hour.  We rested in the AC for quite a while.  Then we walked an hour to a park and then to the Shwedagon Pagoda.  We finally found an entrance and had to borrow wraps since we were still inappropriately dressed.  We walked around the entire place and even managed to get lost.  We could not figure out how to get out.  Then we took a taxi to 999 Shan Noodles.  It was super good and the staff were very funny.  We walked back towards our hostel and stopped for a beer.  Again, the staff were very friendly.  Myanmar has a totally different feel than Thailand.  It dirtier, but in an original way.  It is darker since there are few street lights and we are almost the only tourists.  Our hostel continually loses power and we noticed big generators outside of the buildings.  The street food is off putting to us as there seems to be a lack of sanitation.  All of the dogs look related.  We saw a handful of puppies and it was so sad to see them searching for food.  Most of the men have rotting red teeth from chewing on betel nut, which is their form of chewing tobacco.  The streets are covered in red splatters from them spitting out the juices.  So far, we like it for the good and bad and are glad we came.

Look: The sign says Bart!

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