May 1-7th Chumphon/Ko Tao Island/Hua Hin

by - May 07, 2019

We spent the 1st in the the town of Chumphon.  We had an amazing hotel room and we chilled for much of the day minus running a couple errands going out for meals.  We found a great place for dinner.  The seafood was so fresh that Bart's crab came with fishing line on it!  On the 2nd we took a ferry to the island of Ko Tao.  We grabbed lunch and then went for our first day of our scuba diving class.  We watched videos from 1-5 PM and took a few quizzes.  The next day we were practicing skills in the pool from 8-5 PM.  It was a tiring day, but we had beers with the staff afterwards.  The third day we took our final exam and then went out for our first two dives.  We did some of the same skills, but in somewhat shallow water with a sandy bottom.  It was absolutely amazing to see the ocean this way.  The fish were so close to us.  The last day was the best!  We did two more dives.  The first was checking off on our final skills.  The last was just a fun dive.  We saw tons of coral, fish, sea creatures, and even a sting ray!  The staff at Crystal were so great and they made it really fun!  We were so happy with the entire adventure.  Bart did it while having a sinus cold(not recommended) and I did it while having a lot of fear of water.  We will hopefully do a few more dives on the trip and eventually do the advanced course so we can dive deeper than 60 feet.  On the 6th we rented a moped and went to Shark Bay.  We went snorkeling and saw tons of cool sea life.  We even saw 2 sharks!!!!  We stopped at a bar that had the most amazing view, ate some good food, had a couple pina coladas, and explored.  We watched the sunset and then had dinner at P. Oys, which was very delicious.  It is such a beautiful island.  On the 7th we took a ferry to Chumphon and then a bus to Hua Hin.  We got to Hua Hin around 5 PM, checked into out hostel and then went to the market for dinner.

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