May 19-20th Bagan, Myanmar

by - May 20, 2019

We woke up at 5:30 AM when the train stopped in a small town.  It was already getting hot out.  Bart looked at the weather in Bagan and it was predicting 105 degrees for the day.  We ate some really bad train food for breakfast and then waited for our arrival into Bagan.  We took a tuk tuk to our hostel.  We had to stop and pay $20 US dollars each to enter the archaeological area that Bagan is known for.  We rented a motorbike for the day.  They only rent battery powered bikes here to keep the area around the pagodas quiet.  We went to Weather Spoon for lunch and had some pretty decent burgers.  We also had the well known tea leaf salad and we both loved it.  It's made with fermented tea leaves.  We spent the afternoon exploring around the Buddhist monuments.  There are more than 2,000 in the area.  We laughed at our little powerless motorbike trying to carry both of us through sandy trails.  There were a few near spills.  The monuments are quite impressive and they are everywhere!  Every direction you look there are more and more.  We ate at Weather Spoon for dinner and tried the local curries this time.

We headed out on the motorbike at 5 AM to see the sunrise.  Climbing on monuments to see the sunrise used to be the most popular thing to do here, but as of recent they do not allow it.  Unfortunately we went to a tower that you pay $5 each to climb up to watch the sunrise.  It was a tourist trap and wasn't peaceful watching sunrise with hoarders of other tourists.  We explored more monuments for a couple hours before it go too hot out and then went back for breakfast.  We relaxed in the room with the AC until lunch.  For lunch we went to a vegetarian restaurant and tried more local dishes.  They were very friendly.  We went to La Terrazza for some Italian food for dinner.

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