May 8-9th Hua Hin-Kanchanaburi, Thailand

by - May 12, 2019

We used Hua Hin as a pit stop and didn’t do very much.  We went to a restaurant known for serving duck for lunch.  We each got duck noodle soup and fried duck beaks.  They weren't very good, but at least we tried them.  We found a really neat open food stall market.  We ate there for dinner.  Seafood is very popular here and so are expats.  Half the tables were filled with older white males with their younger Thai wives.  We ate seafood, Indian, and American food.  Our hostel had an awesome cat that was super fun to play with.  We walked to the beach during the day, but it wasn't impressive.

We took a 9:30 AM shuttle van from Hua Hin to Kanchanaburi.  I have to mention 7-Eleven.  They are everywhere and are really popular among the locals.  They even sell shirts with the 7-Eleven logo.  They sell these sandwiches called toasties.  They are super cheap and come in many flavors.  Our favorite are the cheese.  They cook them for you and make a great cheap meal.  All we did was eat and get massages.  Since the massages are on $9 an hour we tried two different places.  The food and cheap massages are two of the best things about Thailand.  We ate at Zab Zab for lunch and dinner.  The food was pretty good and it was a popular restaurant for the locals.

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