April 27-30th Koh Chang, Thailand

by - April 30, 2019

We took a taxi from Patong beach to the bus terminal.  It was a 6 hour bus ride from Phuket to Ranong.  From there we had green curry and fried rice for lunch and then got a taxi to the long boat ferry.  It took about an hour to get to the island.  We each got on the back of a motorbike with all of our baggage and they took us to Crocodile Rock.  The ride was super fun and much longer than expected.  We met the owners of Crocodile Rock and they informed us we were one of very few tourists left on the island as it is almost rainy season.  They gave us the best bungalow because we were the only ones there.  The view was amazing!  We instantly wanted to stay longer.  This place is paradise and it was even better because we had it all to ourselves.  We spent the night eating Pit's amazing food, drinking Singh beer, and listening to Tang tell us about all their encounters with king cobras and boas.  We spent the next three days fishing, swimming, eating, drinking, relaxing, and wishing we never had to leave.  The meals were set because they only brought enough food for the two of us because they are leaving the same day we are.  She was a great cook, but we literally had chicken every day.  We spent a day hiking around the island and went to a gypsy village.  It was so interesting.  They used to live on a boat and move constantly, but Thailand gave them this chunk of land.  It was trashed, but everyone was super friendly.  They live mostly off the land and sea.  We saw how the locals collect rubber from the rubber trees, saw jackfruit trees, and even saw a dog who could only walk on his front two legs.  On the 30th we took the long boat back to Ranong and got a bus to Chumphon.

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