April 20th Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

by - April 22, 2019

After some pretty awful breakfast at a cafe we rented two mopeds for the day.  It was only $14 for both of them.  We went to some markets, a temple, and to some greenhouses.  Then we went to Raaju’s Strawberry farm and ate fresh strawberries and had a strawberry milkshake.  After that we headed up to Boh Tea Plantation.  It was crazy busy and we wove in between traffic all the way up hill.  Did I mention it’s our first time driving on the left side of the road?  The views were awesome, but the line to buy tea was way too long.  We parked my moped and we both hopped on his since I was running out of gas.  Then we headed up the windy road to the highest road in the valley.  It was too steep for both of us and we ended up walking a little ways.  Then we returned the mopeds after 5 hours of riding.  We had some Japanese and Korean fusion for lunch and Indian(again) for dinner.

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