April 15-16th Singapore/Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

by - April 16, 2019

April 14th

It was our last day in Singapore.  We went out to get our free breakfast and then we headed to a nice coffee shop to enjoy the air conditioning and coffee.  It is super humid here and it looks like it will keep getting more hot as we move North.  We planned out our next couple of weeks.  We went to Lau Pa Sat hawker center for lunch and ate some more yummy Indian food.  We enjoyed a couple drinks back at the hostel and then ate at McDonald’s for dinner.  It was a pretty relaxing day and we planned one too many days in Singapore.  

April 15th
We got up around 5 AM to get packed up for our bus ride to Kuala Lumpur.  It turned out to be about a 6 hour ride.  The bus was super spacious, but had no bathroom.  We checked into Mingle Hostel and were given the highest bunk beds we have ever seen.  We are enjoying the affordable private rooms in SE Asia.  We walked around Chinatown trying to find a place for lunch, instead we found 2 rats at our feet eating scraps along an alley that smelled horrific.  Honestly it threw off our appetite.  We have been spoiled with such clean cities as Hong Kong and Singapore and Kuala Lumpur is a little bit more rough around the edges.  We settled on a noodle joint that was busy.  The soup and noodles were good, but we found the meat to be inedible.  After going to the ATM we went our separate ways to try our hand at haggling.  We were proud of our haggling abilities until both of us bought clothes that don’t fit us.  Such a size difference here.  Then we walked to Jalan Alor, a very awesome food centered street.  We ate satay, chicken wings, and even ate durian!  It wasn’t as bad as some shows have portrayed it, but it is definitely an acquired taste.  They have banned it from public transportation due to its smell.  We continued on to the Sky Bar.  We had a few cocktails and got to see the famous Petronas Towers, which are the highest twin towers in the world.

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