April 21-23rd Penang, Malaysia

by - April 26, 2019


We had breakfast at Starbucks and then hopped on the bus to head to Penang, Malaysia.  After 5 hours we arrived at the ferry.  We took the ferry over to Georgetown.  We dropped our bags off at Muntri Guesthouse and then went to Holy Guacamole for lunch.  We spent the afternoon walking around town and made our way to the Clan Jetties.  The Clan Jetties are a traditional village built on stilts over the water.  We relaxed for a bit and then went to the Gurney Drive Hawker stalls for dinner.


We went out with a map of the famous artwork done by Ernest Zacharevic.  It was super hot out and pretty miserable.  We grabbe some lunch before our massages.  It was only $30 for a 2 hour massage.  It was quite an experience.  When we arrived we were escorted to a bench where they basically disinfect your feet and give you their sandals.  Then you are taken to a room with huge recliners.  This is where the pain began.  For an hour straight they gave us our foot and lower leg massages.  It hurt really bad and I'm pretty sure I'm bruised.  They focused on pressure points that I didn't know I had.  Then they brought us into another room where we got undressed.  They gave Bart the cutest little blue shorts to wear.  The massage started with them getting on top of us and pushing on us with their entire weight.  Most of this massage was similar to the way its done in the states minus the fact that they are on the table with you.   They did some major head scratching as well.  Then they wiped us down with hot towels and had us sit up.  They twisted us in some pretty funny ways and we couldn't help but laugh because we were both cracking from the moves.  It all ended with the best cup of tea I have ever had-homemade ginger tea.  We ate char kway teow at a hawker stall for dinner.


We had a pretty relaxing day.  We probably booked one too many days in this city.  We went and got some extra passport pictures done for when we need visas in some of the upcoming countries.  We ate at a hawker stall for lunch.

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