April 18th Tanah Rata, Malaysia

by - April 18, 2019

We took a Grab to the TBS bus station, which was the nicest bus station we have ever been to.  It took about 3 hours to get to the town of Tanah Rata, a small town in the Cameron Highlands.  The Cameron Highlands are known for their tea plantations, strawberry farms, and jungle trekking.  The bus ride reminded us of Central America; weaving through the jungle on super narrow roads.  We were so happy with the weather.  It is much less humid and there is a nice breeze up at 5,000 feet above sea level.  We dropped off our luggage and planned out the next few days.  We are still getting used to taking our shoes off before entering hostels.  Father's Guest House is a real treat for us.  We have our own room with our own bathroom and it feels more like a hotel than a hostel.  We tried to go to Singh Chapati for lunch, but they didn't open until 6:30 PM.  We had some mediocre Indian food at Curry House.  This is where we realized that this town is full of flies.  Then we took a walk through town and stopped at a shop that makes their own strawberry ice cream.  We relaxed for a while at the hostel and then went to Singh Chapati for dinner. It was so good and so cheap.  We ate butter chicken, butter masala paneer, curry chicken, and pratha.  We will definitely be back, but will order vegetarian instead.  The chicken is always bone-in and we find it difficult to eat.  We spent the evening relaxing.

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