July 11th Athens, Greece!!!!

by - July 12, 2019

Our flight from Singapore to Athens, Greece was 12 hours.  We flew on Scoot airlines.  It just doesn’t compare to American Airlines.  It was such a basic model plane that it didn’t even have personal air vents.  They served no food or water and there was no tv or place to charge your phone.  We finally arrived around 9 AM.  After getting our bags we grabbed a taxi.  Yanis was our driver and he was so nice and welcoming.  The drive into Athens took about 30 minutes and costed us $45!  The scenery was already beautiful!  It is so peaceful compared to SE Asia.  The streets are clean and not jam packed with motorbikes and vehicles.  We are adjusting to the price of things as Vietnam was insanely cheap.  When he dropped us off he gave us a map and explained what we shouldn’t miss while in Athens.  We met with Katy to let us in our Airbnb.  The place was a nice change from our normal hotels.  Although we were super tired we couldn’t wait to start exploring.  We went to a local restaurant recommended by Katy.  We ate horiatiki salata(Greek salad), saganaki(fried cheese), spicy cheese dip(sorta like pimento cheese dip with feta), and also a dough stuffed with feta cheese.  It was all amazing!!!  Then we walked around.  We saw many ancient ruins along the way.  We stopped into a couple gourmet food shops.  All the people are so happy and friendly.  We bought cherries, granola, and of course Greek yogurt for breakfast the next day.  We walked through a fish and meat market as well.  For dinner we went to a local gyro joint.  It was good as well.  For dessert we got a cheesecake and some baklava from a dessert shop next door.  We found it strange that the cheesecake was in a glass to go cup.  We drank Greek wine and ate dessert on the patio of our Airbnb.  We were so exhausted that we went to bed at 8 PM.

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