July 4-11th Vietnam

by - July 12, 2019

We spent a total of 7 nights in Ho Chi Minh City.  We settled into our hotel room for the week.  We sometimes ate the free breakfast at the hotel and sometimes we skipped it.  The “lunch ladies” who work the buffet are not very nice.  One day they just refused Bart his morning bowl of pho!  Then we went to the gym.  It was usually not busy at all, but we often were there when this one particularly annoying guy was there.  If we were at Planet Fitness I would have blown the lunk alert alarm!  He was constantly talking on the phone, FaceTiming, and throwing weights around.  Oh and of course, lots of grunting.  We had loads of good food throughout the week.  if we ate lunch we tried to eat cheap pho.  For dinner we had burgers, pizza, chicken, and sushi.  We also had some good coffee at a couple different cafes.  We went to the War Remnants Museum one day.  That was super sad and very difficult to get through.  They really emphasized how bad the Americans were.  The photos were graphic and they spoke of how the Americans targeted children and women.  Another room focused on the effects of agent orange.  There must have been a couple hundred photos of disabled people.  Another day we took a tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels. We learned about how they built the tunnels, traps, and how they kept hidden.  They gave us a chance to slip into one of the secret entrances to a tunnel.  I guy literally got stuck in it.  After failing to get himself out, three people were pulling up on his arms.  He was dirty and his ass was hanging out.  He drew quite the crowd and it was hard not to laugh.  It was all interesting, but a bit touristy.  On the 11th we checked out at noon and then went for lunch.  Then we headed to the airport.  We sat in the Singapore airport until 2:30 AM.

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