July 27-29th Kotor, Montenegro

by - July 31, 2019

On the 27th we tried to sleep in, but didn’t succeed.  We headed to lunch at 11 AM.  There was a wedding going on in the hotel and the music was insanely loud and obnoxious.  After lunch we caught the van back to Plav, which connected to a bus to Podgorica.  Our Airbnb host picked us up and brought us to our apartment.  We bought food and cooked dinner ourselves.  On the 28th we caught our 9:30 AM bus to Kotor.  When we arrived in Kotor there was some major confusion.  The Airbnb info sent us to the heart of the old town.  Eventually after walking around, finding WiFi, and contacting the host we realized we were almost 2 miles from the apartment.  We ate lunch and dinner at Vidikivac Restaurant.  The view was amazing!  On the 28th we got an early taxi to the old town.  We walked around in the rain to see the town without the boards of tourists from the cruise ships.  Then we had dessert and coffee at a cafe.  After walking around more we had lunch at BBQ Tjagna.  It was a great place.  By far the best roast chicken I’ve ever had.  The staff were awesome as well.  It was down pouring so we had a couple local craft IPAs.  Then we walked to the end of the road around the bay, went grocery shopping, went to a market, and a bakery.  Then we grabbed a taxi back up the hill.  We made a dinner of locally made pesto cheese, beef prosciutto, local bread, and olives.

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