July 19th Milos, Greece

by - July 20, 2019

We went to a local bakery for breakfast and then returned the four-wheelers.  We met at the tourist agency at 10:15 for our transportation to the port where we get on the boat.  The boat took us to two different spots for swimming.  The white rocks were beautiful and so were the massive yachts parked there.  We snorkeled through some caves.  It was nice to see the island from the water.  The boat got back around 2:30 PM.  We had lunch and drank some beers to kill some time before our ferry left.  It took about 3 hours to get back to Athens.  We didn’t get in until late.  The taxi driver pointed some of the damage from the earthquake they had the previous day.  We went out for gyros and then went to bed around midnight.

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