July 15th Santorini Island, Greece

by - July 20, 2019

Bart made us bacon, onion, and feta cheese eggs for breakfast.  Then we went to the ATV rental place and switched out Bart’s ATV because we had trouble getting it started the day before.  First we went to Santo Winery and split a bottle white wine and enjoyed the beautiful view.  Then we drove to Kamari Beach, rented loungers, relaxed, and did some snorkeling.  After that we went to Santorini Brewing Company.  We sampled some of their beer and bought a few big bottles for later.  We went back to the Airbnb and the. Went back to Perivolos Beach for a while.  We ate at Grandma’s Recipes for dinner.  They were XL gyros and were super good.  We drank our Santorini Brewing Company beers on the patio.

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